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This Privacy Policy relates to Polltab's collection and use of your data when you use or access the Polltab's service, websites, servers, software applications, or content therefrom (together, the "Polltab Service" or "Service"). This Privacy Policy is incorporated by reference into Polltab's Terms and Conditions. Capitalized terms not defined in this Privacy Policy shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Terms and Conditions.

Collection and Use of Personally Identifiable Information

Personally identifiable information ("PII") is information that can be used to identify an individual person. Examples of PII include a person's name, email address, or phone number. We do not store any PII on polltab. When using social authentication (Google, Facebook, Reddit or Twitch) to cast votes, only the unique ID of the account is stored to cast a vote. The ID is never shared or identifies what it stands for. An example of an ID may look like "9824441123". If you like your votes removed, you can contact us to do so.

Further Information

Polls that are deemed to be offensive, illegal or defamatory may be removed at our sole discretion. If you have a complaint about a specific poll please contact us via the contact form and provide us the link to the poll.

If you have any questions or suggestions in regards to our privacy policy please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.